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Cross-chain lending for the digital economy

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Future of lending

Lendingblock is an open exchange for cryptocurrency loans, where borrowers and lenders are instantly matched in a simple, secure and transparent way.

We are introducing the concept of securities lending to the crypto economy.

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Institutional demand is here

Lendingblock is here to satisfy the institutional demand for borrowing and lending digital assets. We are already working with global market participants including brokers, traders, funds, and exchanges.“Lendingblock clearly sees the growing need for borrowing and lending digital assets. We welcome the launch of this platform and are pleased to be part of the collaborative working-group.”
Michael Moro, CEO of Genesis
“[Lendingblock] are a team who understand institutional needs, and clearly have the experience and expertise to deliver. We look forward to working together to fill this gap in the market.”
Wayne Trench, CEO of Octagon Strategy
“We are truly excited to be a part of the innovation Lendingblock is bringing to the blockchain financial services ecosystem. Both of our communities will benefit from the partnership by making new pools of liquidity available and we look forward to a long and prosperous friendship.”
Seth Melamed, Operations at Quoine
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Powered by a real time exchange

Lendingblock provides an open, transparent exchange for the real time trading of cryptocurrency loans. By using our state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, we provide unparalleled access to financing for the growing crypto asset market.
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Loans are fully collateralised

The loan cycle, including margin management, is fully managed by our platform, giving you peace of mind. All of our loans are over-collateralised through an equivalent digital currency asset and LTVs are monitored on an on-going basis for depreciation and default.
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Crypto to crypto only

Our platform will only support crypto to crypto asset loans. We believe that digital currencies are here to stay.

Are you a borrower?

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Borrowers can be hedge funds, investors, market makers and traders who can borrow assets to support trading, fund working capital, or investment funding needs.

Or a lender?

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Lenders can be any individuals or institutions who want to simply and safely earn additional income on long term crypto asset holdings or investments. This can include asset managers, retail investors or miners.


We are pleased to work with first class professional services providers who offer advice and guidance to help us achieve our mission objectives.
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Regulatory Approach

We are taking a proactive approach towards regulation by engaging and working with global regulators and policymakers to encourage measures designed to protect consumers and investors. We are also working to hold ourselves accountable to governance policies and procedures for financial services and have applied the DLT license in Gibraltar as a first measure. We are also establishing a code of conduct which allows us to adhere to any available best practices.

This will draw upon our founders’ experience within the traditional financial services industry and create self-regulatory guidance where no DLT or cryptocurrency equivalent currently exists. We believe in the responsible stewardship of the enthusiastic cryptocurrency community and are actively seeking to legitimise the development of the asset class by collaborating with other organisations bound by the same mission and high standards.

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