Community Update – August 10th, 2018 – Qryptos Listing, GFSC Application, Alpha Testing, Consensus Invest & AMA!

Qryptos Listing

The long awaited Qryptos listing will finally be live tomorrow, Friday at 11am BST! We are very excited to be working with the team at Quoine and their exchanges Qryptos and Liquid.

The reason this listing has taken such a long time has primarily been due to the legal uncertainty of the jurisdictions in which our respective companies will be operating under. However after a legal and regulatory counsel in Singapore, we have been able to make the right legal amendments which prominently featured our continuing efforts to work together and to foster a growing relationship.

For more information, please read our press review here. for how we are anticipating working with Quoine, something that we look to replicate with other exchanges around the world. There are already a few more in the pipeline and we will release news of these partnerships in the very near future.

Please sign up to Qryptos to trade LND tokens if you haven’t already.

Regulatory update

After a two month marathon, we have officially submitted our regulatory application with the GFSC. This is a huge document containing every policy under the world including our information security policy, communications policy, anti money laundering policies, risk register and the ICAAP in a 40 document submission of over 50,000 pages of word documents, excel files and presentations. This has been an extraordinary effort led by our General Counsel, Ehsan Haque and Head of Compliance, Sam Azad, who has been supporting our COO, Charlie Beach, alongside with the whole team in compiling the right documents for our regulatory submission. We are awaiting their response and hope to conduct our presentation of the business to them in the coming weeks. Again, this regulatory process will allow us to operate our business from Gibraltar, one of the most progressive regulatory environments in the World and also serve as a stepping stone to navigating the more complex regulatory environment in other jurisdictions across the globe such as with the US and China, by exhibiting rigour and professionalism in our process and policies.

Business development

On the business development side, the focus is on adding to our existing alpha group. We have interest from all of the typical players who have a need for a money-market space. Some of whom are finalising details on their participation as they join the existing cohort.

Other conversations are also being had with major institutions in the traditional finance arena. Whilst they are not participating in the alpha stage, their views and validation of what we’re doing here has been greatly received. Many of whom are exploring for the future of their own firms but also sharing their knowledge and information which is beneficial for us in the present.

Consensus Invest

We have secured an hour on the agenda, speaker slot as well as an exhibition booth at this year’s Consensus Invest in New York on November 27, where we will be officially launching our platform to the institutional crypto investment community. We will also be hosting private workshops and networking sessions during the conference days.

Development Update

Alpha development is on track for our alpha launch and testing in September. We have already conducted surveys, workshops and deep dives of various parts of our platform with hedge funds, exchanges and other business partners. You can sign up for early access of our platform here.

Testing planning is well underway. The front-end user testing with our Alpha group is expected to run during the last two weeks of September and will focus on scenarios which involve platform user actions. The test plan consists of different test cycles, with each cycle designed to fully test the end-to-end process of different platform scenarios that a user could encounter.

The development team is busy working to deploy the Wallet Manager, allowing users to link their existing wallets into the Lendingblock platform. They are also beginning front-end development on the Orders and Loans pages, allowing users to track their orders as they move through the system and turn into loans.

Team Hires

We’ve had another busy month this year with on-boarding new staff on the ground. We are glad to welcome Kelly and Sam, Head of Marketing and Head of Compliance & Risk respectively, both of who bring a wealth of experience from top tier financial institutions, including BNY Mellon, Macquarie Group and Bloomberg.


Don’t forget that we will be hosting a live AMA with Linda and Steve on the 21st of August! You are welcome to leave your questions here.


Community Update – August 10th, 2018 – Qryptos Listing, GFSC Application, Alpha Testing, Consensus Invest & AMA!
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