Community Update — June 22nd, 2018

Team update

As the team continues to grow including Ehsan Haque joining and General Counsel, Kelly Pettersen as Chief Marketing Officer, and Sam Azad as Head of Compliance, we are rebalancing some of the responsibilities of the leadership. Linda will move into the role of Chief Commercial Officer, including business development, partnerships, marketing, communities and strategic investments. Charlie Beach will move from his advisory risk role to become Chief Operating Officer. We’re confident that we are building a world class team.

Business Development

A good week for the team on the business development front, as Linda in her new role as Chief Commercial Officer kicked of the week by organising a private dinner for a small group of executives from a number of very prominent trading firms, and we expect to finalise and make additional announcements on membership of our Institutional Advisory Board soon. We also finalised our first important partnership with an exchange group, which will result in two exchanges integrating with the Lendingblock platform to borrow and lend, in addition to listing of the LND token. This partnership will be formally announced Tuesday next week. Finally, Linda and Steve are spending the next two weeks on a business development trip to New York, Chicago, Seoul and Hong Kong.

Regulatory update

We met with ISOLAS, our legal advisors to discuss the regulatory application. No firms have yet been authorised, several have had push back for incomplete documentation and the GFSC requirements have become increasingly onerous as a result. Our clear intention is to provide a comprehensive suit of documentation that fully reflects the systems and controls we are putting in place for the firm. This will take time to complete and the application processing and review timeframes are now around 90 days, but we are confident we will achieve approval prior to launch. We have been given feedback by our Lawyers and the GFSC that we are approaching the process in exactly right way (which is not the case for many firms applying).

Tech Update

We are mid-sprint this week, and focused on

  • The Lendingblock API which will allow direct integration to the platform

  • The internal Operational Portal, aka Optimus Prime, which provides reporting and tools for our internal customer support processes

  • Adding our blog to

  • Deployment of our dedicated Bitcoin node

  • Interface for user registration, account management and KYC processes

  • Testing of the order book and matching engine

Community Engagement

We are excited to announce the launch of an Ambassador Program! If you are passionate about Lendingblock and want to spread the word about the project via quality and thoughtful content, please sign up here.

Anyone can apply to be part of the program and it is broken down into three main sections: content (40%), social media (40%) and events (20%). We have a monthly allocation of LND as incentives for participation.

More specifics of the Ambassador Program will be published in the coming week.

Earlier this week our Telegram group received the latest Lendingblock themed sticker pack! Designed by Fabian, our sticker contest winner.

We also begun the selection process for the Lendingblock swag vendor and currently verifying the quality of the merchandise provided by a number of e-commerce shops. After we completed that to a satisfactory degree, we’ll be able to proceed further with offering our famous hats for sale.

In case you missed the previous announcement, we now have a dynamic KakaoTalk group that you are welcome to join!

Open Day

We had an Open Day at the Lendingblock offices last week with donuts and beer. Many good potential candidates for our open positions and we will be announcing new joiners soon.



Community Update — June 22nd, 2018
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