Community Update – September 10th, 2018 - Sprint 11, GFSC Presentation, Marketing Plans, Private Alpha Testing & Liquid Listing

Welcome to the first update of September!


We have completed sprint 11 and are now underway with sprint 12. Sprint 11 included some major refactoring work of the Redux store as well as continued integration testing across all services for the platform. We have also been expanding the end-points for the API and are aiming to push the most up to date version into production in the next few weeks. Another significant piece of work for this current sprint is the event handling framework including the email, SMS, message broker and webhook. In addition to this we’ve been working on the websocket RPC specification which will ensure our orderbook displays on the front-end in real-time. Additional focus is on completing the new sidebar, working on the front-end loan homepage build and the wider design on the URL navigation.


The Legal & Compliance team are currently working together with external legal advisors on a number of important deliverables. These include implementing the front-end platform documentation and assessing and mitigating legal and regulatory risks specific to the platform's operation. The team is undertaking a considerable amount of active dialogue with appropriate regulators to assess the regulatory risks for the platform across various jurisdictions. This work also includes preparation for meetings with these regulators, part of which is a face to face presentation with the GFSC later this month.


Steve Swain was invited to speak at the CFC Conference last week in California. Steve joined Dan Morehead (Pantera Capital) Christian Angermayer (Founder of Apeiron Investment Group & Cryptology Asset Group), Matthew Roszak (Chairman & co-founder, Bloq) and Jennifer Zhu Scott (Co-founder and principal of Radian Partners) in front of an institutional invite-only crypto audience for an in-depth conversation focused on the last and next 12 months in the crypto industry. The event was a key opportunity for Lendingblock to raise its profile amongst fund managers, hedge funds and other institutional movers and shakers at an important time leading up to our platform launch. Overall our brand and product received positive feedback from industry players, and there were a number of institutions that have asked to join as alpha testers of our product.

The Lendingblock business development team will be travelling to Asia the week of 17 September to attend the Consensus Conference in Singapore. The objective is to spend time building new and existing Asian relationships. The team plans to demo the product with a number of prospects and early adopter clients throughout the week. Our team will also be hosting an exclusive event during Consensus where we will bring together institutional players and key journalists for an evening of networking.

Building on this momentum, Marketing and Communications Team is in full swing getting ready to launch a targeted marketing and media program in key markets around the world. The campaign will focus on driving and intensifying platform awareness and create buzz in the market in advance of Lendingblock's launch. The campaign will be delivered through a number of tactics such as media relations, advertising, content generation, and events. The team is also finalising a communications policy which is an important internal document that outlines how Lendingblock manages, produces and measures communications across all its stakeholders. Finally, the team has undertaken an extensive RFP process where we are reviewing a number of agencies that will support Lendingblock in achieving its marketing and business development goals.


This week we are launching the private alpha testing application process so if you have experience in margin trading or secured lending, be sure to sign up here!

We are also in the process of organising a networking event on the second week of October. Individuals and professionals interested in socialising and learning about Lendingblock are welcome to attend.

As a reminder, this is our third month of the Lendingblock Ambassador Program and if you are interested in spreading the word about our project, you can apply here.


We’d like to congratulate the Quoine team on successful and smooth launch of the Liquid exchange! As part of our partnership, Lendingblock token is listed on the Liquid exchange and you can trade LND against BTC and ETH.


Community Update – September 10th, 2018 - Sprint 11, GFSC Presentation, Marketing Plans, Private Alpha Testing & Liquid Listing
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