March Community Update

March has been a particularly busy and exciting month at Lendingblock. We continue to maintain acute focus on our clients, our sales pipeline and on the launch of our platform.


We are proud to officially confirm that we have received funding from a group of investors. Lendingblock is thrilled to have the support of this experienced investment team who are known for being fintech entrepreneurs and having significant securities lending experience. The alignment with both our values and long-term goals create a strong symbiotic relationship that we feel will bring Lendingblock from strength to strength, particularly as we move into a critical stage for launch.

Business development and marketing:

This month Lendingblock attended XBTO and OKEx's institutional digital asset event. Lendingblock's CEO, Steve Swain represented Lendingblock on a panel discussion focused on derivatives and lending. Joined by GSR's Director of Investment Solutions, Jakob Palmstierna, Head of Financial Markets at OKEx, Lennix Lai and XBTO's COO, Julien Auchecorne, the conversation focused on how digital asset products, like Lendingblock's platform, are addressing and helping to solve the inefficiencies and challenges in the crypto industry.


Furthermore, there has been a continued focus on Lendingblock's business development efforts. We are continuing to demo the platform with our clients so that they experience the exchange first hand. And for us, this is also crucial because we have the opportunity to gain their direct feedback and input as we continue to tweak the platform to meet the needs of our clients.

Product development:

Since the last update, we have completed two full sprints. Sprint 25 saw the introduction of some front-end platform enhancements, such as dynamic refreshing of order books every time a new order is entered and the ability to easily cancel unmatched open orders. Sprint 26 saw the on-platform creation and storage of our counterparty legal documents. These legally-binding agreements are the culmination of hundreds of hours of review by our general counsel and external legal advisors. Looking forward, future sprints will include integration with our blockchain AML and identity verification providers as we get closer to launch.

The Lendingblock team also had the opportunity to spend time this month with some of our tech and blockchain development team in Poland. This trip was important because it brought both the business and the technology teams together to reflect, plan and consider areas of improvement to the product. The time spent collaborating as a group continues to reinforce Lendingblock's unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional product for our institutional client base.


Additional announcements:

The Lendingblock team values its community and all the support we continue to receive while we are on this journey to create the first digital asset securities lending exchange. We have consistently delivered monthly community updates for the past year, and as 2019 and beyond is a critical time for us, Lendingblock has decided to share community updates on a quarterly basis. We will continue to update the market through company updates, including press announcements, corporate news and blog posts. These can always be found on our newsroom ( and our other social channels such as LinkedIn. We will continue to share these company updates accordingly on our Telegram channel.

Now, it's full steam ahead to deliver what we believe is an unparalleled institutional product that will provide more market structure and help our clients securely generate additional alpha on their digital assets!



March Community Update
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